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Weekly Update: A New Artist Joins the Fight!

Weekly Update: A New Artist Joins the Fight! Week of May 6, 2019 --- Hey everyone, This is Nick, producer at Mutant Studios, back with another weekly update. We officially made an exciting new addition to the team: Sarah! She’s a kickass artist who was behind the Leviathan art we’ve already shown off and she’s already hitting the ground running to prepare us for our Kickstarter!
--- LOBSTER MADNESS --- These past few weeks we spent a lot of time discussing and planning out the Lobster Leviathan, the fight that we'll be showcasing for our Kickstarter. As we sat around craving Red Lobster biscuits, we nailed down the mechanics and assets we’re going to show off in that fight.

The shortlist is weak points, claw slams, and some unique animation techniques. --- GET OUTTA THE WAY! --- Our plans for the fights and levels have seen a ramp in intensity, so we’ve been working on a way for you to dodge the many chaotic attacks we’ll be throwing at you: A DODGE ANCHOR.
Check it out in this GIF below!

This …

Weekly Update: Slashin’ and Dashin’

Weekly Update: Slashin’ and Dashin’ Week of April 1, 2019 --- Hey everyone,
This is Nick, producer at Mutant Studios, back with more about our work on Shadow of the Leviathan. Now that we’ve gotten our feet wet with an internal demo, we’ve nailed down a lot more about where we want this game to get to. This week involved a few pretty hefty studio discussion days that locked in a couple of exciting things for us, which I’ll talk about in the next section. --- SPINNING A YARN --- Something we wanted to dig into with this game was having more focus on the world and less focus on a lot of having a lot of written content. With games like Questr and Steamulator, we had spreadsheets with hundreds and thousands of unique lines of dialogue and interactions. That isn’t something we want to continue doing necessarily because it’s a bit exhausting and it meant that some of our mechanics relied heavily on jokes landing. We want this to be a world and a narrative that hooks you into it without a lot of dia…

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