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Weekly Update: Juice That Lobster!!!

Weekly Update: Juice that Lobster!!! Week of May 13, 2019 --- Hey everyone,
This is Nick, producer at Mutant Studios, back with more about our work on Shadow of the Leviathan. We have some big changes coming up, many of which we’ll announce next week, but this week was another Lobster-filled week.
This week, we’ve been hard at work with models, documents, and a lot of logistical considerations. --- MAKE IT MORE DISGUSTING! --- The process for art in this game is a unique one, especially for the current Leviathan. The Lobster is a tortured and angry soul so it’s visuals and design are equally as tormented. Screws tightened to it’s flesh and shell, armor plates mashed against it with reckless abandon, and exposed injuries from conflict. This thing has to have history.
So when Sarah calls me over to review something, our discussions often revolve around making the poor thing look MORE beat up and disgusting. It’s quite fun. The majesty of the Leviathans is in their scale, but up close they really…

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