Weekly Update: A New Artist Joins the Fight!

Weekly Update: A New Artist Joins the Fight!
Week of May 6, 2019
Hey everyone,
This is Nick, producer at Mutant Studios, back with another weekly update. We officially made an exciting new addition to the team: Sarah! She’s a kickass artist who was behind the Leviathan art we’ve already shown off and she’s already hitting the ground running to prepare us for our Kickstarter!
These past few weeks we spent a lot of time discussing and planning out the Lobster Leviathan, the fight that we'll be showcasing for our Kickstarter. As we sat around craving Red Lobster biscuits, we nailed down the mechanics and assets we’re going to show off in that fight.

The shortlist is weak points, claw slams, and some unique animation techniques.
Our plans for the fights and levels have seen a ramp in intensity, so we’ve been working on a way for you to dodge the many chaotic attacks we’ll be throwing at you:
Check it out in this GIF below!

This dodge will require skill and timing to use properly since you'll actually have to hit an object to get pulled to it. A misplaced dodge could leave you vulnerable to some hard hitting attacks!
And you’ll need to become a master of this if you’re going to survive...
Our time early this week was spent getting Sarah set up to work, which included some new arrangements in the studio. Now that her desk is all set up, she’s ready to work!

  • Planning out scripts, descriptions, road maps and more to make sure our Kickstarter is as fleshed out as it needs to be (Nick and Jeff)
  • Research and documentation for Level Design and Art tools (Justin)
  • Concept Art and Key Art (Sarah) - Lobster Leviathan is designed!
In the following weeks, we’re getting ourselves set up for Kickstarter.

  • The Lobster Leviathan goes into full production so we can show off some of it's dangers and visual appeal
  • Mechanics for the fight blocked out and scripted
  • Organizing our Kickstarter, writing, recording and editing, and more!
  • Art, art, art - now that we've brought her in, Sarah's got a lot of assets to work on and we can't wait to show you more of her skills!
Our goal is to be Kickstarter ready in the coming weeks, so we’re keen to make it happen.
More Shadow of the Leviathan updates will be coming steadily as we work, so follow us on Twitter to get different development updates (almost) daily or subscribe to the Mutant Studios newsletter to get updates there. We’ll also be reaching out for playtesters, general feedback, and doing other fun things on Twitter so be sure to follow us for all of that!

Mutant Studios: @MutantStudios
Thanks for joining us on this adventure. We can’t wait to get it into your hands!



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