Weekly Update: Rough Seas Ahead!

Week of March 4, 2019
Hey Everyone,
This is Nick again, back with our weekly update! Mutant Studios is all hands on deck for our new game, Shadow of the Leviathan. I wanted to wrangle Justin in to talk tech tricks, but he’s full steam ahead on a TON of features and I wouldn’t be caught dead trying to stop that momentum! So you’ll hear from him in a later week when things settle in a little bit.

We’re getting ready for GDC in a big way, so I’ll keep this fairly brief. Documentation, presentations, and demos are all coming along at a breakneck pace - time flies when you’re working on a badass project like this! We’re shipping Jeff off to San Francisco to check out GDC and Nick to Florida to go to a wedding. What will Justin do with the studio to himself? (Answer: Eat lots of poke and actually get work done without us distracting him)

It’s a busy couple weeks ahead, but we are confident that we can weather this storm! (Also, as a side note, it’s been raining here a LOT. Justin and I bike to work almost every day and it’s getting to the point where we might need to invest in a canoe and paddles…)
So what has this week looked like?

Concept art (Leviathan design, storyboarding)
A lot of meetings and behind-the-scenes stuff that I won’t elaborate on here because they’re super top secret
Documentation (Design docs, schedules, asset lists)
Research more assets for visuals
Gameplay scripting and implementation

We brought in a skilled Concept Artist this week to flesh out our designs for the first Leviathan and to storyboard some scenes. She’s got plenty of experience with cool creature designs, so we’re excited to show off her work in the coming weeks! We spent a lot of time this week discussing the things we would need from her and working together on designs.
This week at Mutant was a sort of hectic one. We had a lot of behind-the-scenes things to get done in additional to our normal development tasks, but we are staying the course. Our meetings were long and branching and had us planning out a lot about this project and the different directions we could take it in terms of scope and schedule.

We have an internal deadline looming to get our first playable demo prepped and ready to show off, so next week will be an exciting final push! We can’t wait to show you how you’ll be dealing with these beasts and the visual experience you can expect from us!
More Shadow of the Leviathan updates will be coming steadily as we work, so follow us on Twitter to get different development updates or subscribe to the Mutant Studios newsletter to get updates there.

We’ll also be reaching out for playtesters, general feedback, and doing other fun things on Twitter so be sure to follow us for all of that!

Mutant Studios: @MutantStudios

Thanks for joining us on this adventure. We can’t wait to get it into your hands!



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